Stay connected with your children's education

freeZbe gets schools and parents closer in their
common goal of child's educational excellence,
through prompt integrated communication

What is freeZbe?

freeZbe helps schools and parents succeed in their common mission of imparting state-of-the art education by faclitating the communication via our friendly portal. freeZbe houses information related to students' classes, grades, attendance, vacation details, performance notes, parent-teacher counseling and far more. Stay connected with your children's education.

Jam Packed With Features
Admission Module

freeZbe enables a school to carry out admission process via an online platform.
Grade Management

freeZbe enables parents, teachers & students
to keep track of subject grades.
Attendance Management

freeZbe enables parents, teachers to keep track of students attendance.
HomeWork Module

freeZbe provides teachers to assign homework to students & students can submit it online.
Parent - Teacher Interact

freeZbe provides a platform for teacher & parents
to stay in touch.
Alerts via SMS

freeZbe provides parents with alert notifications via SMS. e.g: "Hello, Congratulations! Your son just won the annual race competition"
Event Management

freeZbe provides an online platform to manage personal & public events via a Calendar.
General Notifications

freeZbe users get general notificationa about updates and news about the school.
Report Generation

freeZbe enables parents & teachers to generate customized PDF reports for students grades & attendance.