About freeZbe

freeZbe is a global service firm that specializes in delivering innnovative solution to schools. We develop, deliver, host and support solutions that bring school and parents more close than ever before.

We are committed in providing an enviroment in which both parents and teacher work collaboratively towards student development.

We produce high quality and extensively customized solution in accordance with the requirements of schools and parents. Our team works closely with schools/parents help to increase the value delivered to the students. Our goal is twinfold

  • To help each school differentiate its offering from others threby becoming more competitive and adding new dimension to its learning process
  • Assist parents and school who are making both individual and combined efforts to aid students in learning and applying new knowledge.

We consider that being a part of of students development is the best payback to the society. We work on our core philosophy of continous improvement and would welcome you to share your ideas.